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THE LEASE BELOW IS A SAMPLE OF A TYPICAL LEASE.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A CURRENT LEASE                                                          



Lease Agreement


This Lease (hereinafter referred to as the Lease) is made this ___ day of ____________________, 20____ by and between Eventide, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as the Landlord) and _________________________________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to jointly and severally as the Tenant).  The covenants and conditions stated in this Lease Agreement shall bind the Tenant, jointly and severally.


I.  PREMISES LEASED.  The Landlord, in consideration of the rent to be paid, and covenants and agreements to be performed by the Tenant does hereby lease the following described premises located at: ____________________________________________________  (hereinafter referred to as the Premises); where front and back yards as well as doors and common hallways are excluded from the premises being rented.  Landlord grants tenant, herein, a license to use front and back yards as well as common hallways, however, tenant must adhere to Landlordís rules regarding these areas.   


II.  LEASE TERM.  The Tenant agrees to occupy said Premises for an original term commencing ___________________, 20_____ and ending ___________________,  20_____ . The Lease shall automatically renew on a month- to- month basis unless notice is given as stated in paragraph VII.


III.          RENT.  The Tenant agrees to pay as rent for the Premises during the original term the sum of

$ _____________ per month, pro-rated if the term of the Lease commences on any date other than the first day of the month, without demand at:


Eventide, Inc.

2265 North High Street

                                         Columbus, Ohio 43201


Rent is due on or before the first day of each month (the due date).  Make all checks out as circled below.  Only one rent check will be accepted per lease per month.  Partial rent checks will not be accepted.


EVENTIDE                                        CHARLES PAVEY TRUST                               JON PAVEY


RENT UNPAID AFTER THE DUE DATE IS DELINQUENT AND WILL AUTHORIZE ALL REMEDIES IN THE LEASE.  If all rent is not received on or before the fifth (5th) day of the month, the Tenant agrees to pay an initial late charge of 10% of any unpaid balance.   If all rent is not received on or before the tenth (10th) day of the month, the Tenant agrees to pay an additional late charge of 5% of any unpaid balance.  If all rent is not received on or before the (20th) day of the month, the Tenant agrees to pay an additional late charge of 2% of any unpaid balance. If there is any balance on the account at the onset of the following month, Landlord need not accept any rent until the previous balance is paid in full.  All funds received shall be applied to the balance in no particular order.  Any balance represents unpaid rent.  Utility and parking charges and policies are governed by the terms found in paragraph VIII.  Damage charges are governed by the terms found in paragraph V.


If payment is made by check that is returned, the Tenant agrees to pay a charge of $35.00 in addition to the late charges, if applicable.


The Landlord may, at any time, require that all rent and other sums be paid in either certified or cashierís check or money order.  Cash shall not be accepted.


The Tenant agrees further that acceptance and/or refusal by the Landlord of the rent payment after the due date shall in no manner constitute a waiver of the Landlordís rights in the event of the Tenantís failure to make rental payments as herein prescribed and agreed, nor shall it be considered as a change in the date upon which the Tenant is to pay said rent.  Failure to demand the rent when due shall not constitute a waiver by the Landlord, and the necessity of demand for the rent by the Landlord when the rent is overdue, is hereby waived.


The Landlord agrees to notify the Tenant, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the Lease, or any renewal thereof, of any increase in the rent charged for occupancy of the Premises.


IV. OCCUPANCY.  The Tenant agrees that only those persons listed below shall occupy the Premises:



Date of Birth


Date of Birth


















No person shall be released from the covenants of the Lease without first obtaining the written agreement of the other tenants and/or cosigners set forth herein and without paying a $250 lease release fee and without written approval of changes from the Landlord.  If such changes are agreed upon, all parties herein agree to make the necessary changes to the Lease before changes are valid.


The Tenant agrees that the Premises are to be occupied for residential purposes only.  The premises shall not be used or allowed to be used for any unlawful purpose, or for any purpose deemed hazardous by the Landlord because of fire or any other risk or in any other manner which would disturb the peaceful, quiet enjoyment of any other occupant of the apartment community of which the Premises are a part.  The Landlord reserves the right of eviction for the illegal manufacture, distribution, use or other illegal activities in connection with controlled substances and drugs.  A criminal conviction shall not be necessary before the Landlord can institute an eviction action.  Any felony criminal conviction obtained during the lease term will result in an immediate eviction.


V.  SECURITY DEPOSIT.  The Tenant agrees to deposit with the Landlord the sum of $ _____________ as security for his or her faithful performance under the Lease and by law.  The Tenant agrees the deposit is not an advance payment of rent and does not relieve the obligation to pay rent including rent for the last month of occupancy.  The Landlord, at the expiration of the Lease or hold-over tenancy, may apply the security deposit for past due rent, fees, utilities, parking, cleaning, pet damage, and/or for the cost of repairs caused by the Tenant, his/her guests, family, invitees and not noted on the move in condition form returned by the Tenant at move in. 


Separately and in addition to the damages described in the paragraph above, the abandonment or vacating of the Premises by the Tenant before the end of the Lease term (even if the term has not yet begun) shall result in the Tenant forfeiting his/her entire security deposit. Tenant acknowledges that the list provided here constitutes an itemization of the damages associated with re-letting which include but are not limited to: advertising the apartment for rent in multiple places, responding to inquiries, notifying myself (the breaching tenant(s)) of showings, showings, executing new lease paperwork, securing new cosigner approvals and signatures, canceling appointments into the future once rented, and making the apartment ready for a new move in. Tenant further acknowledges  that these are real (not speculative) damages that Eventide will suffer as a result of an abandonment or vacating  and tenant acknowledges its forfeiture  of its entire deposit in payment thereof.  Additional consequences, above and beyond the forfeiture of Tenantís security deposit, associated with a premature abandonment or vacating of the premises are described in Eventideís Form entitled ďI Am Voluntarily Breaking My LeaseĒ.   Each of the tenants and co signers shall be jointly and severally responsible for all losses incurred by the Landlord occasioned by the tenancy.


The Tenant agrees to provide the Landlord, in writing, a forwarding address upon vacating the Premises.  The Landlord agrees to return to the Tenant the security deposit, or whatever part has not been applied in payment of any Tenant obligations under the Lease, as soon as possible after the expiration of the Lease or delivery of possession of the Premises to the Landlord, whichever is last to occur.  Any deductions from the security deposit shall be itemized and identified in writing by the Landlord during this same time period.  This provision does not waive rights of the Landlord to seek damages in excess of the security deposit.  The Tenant agrees to reimburse the Landlord for any rent, fees, utilities, parking due and/or damages exceeding the security deposit.


VI.  KEYS.  The Tenant will be provided one apartment key per occupant listed herein; provided all of the required paperwork has been returned to the office and provided the first monthís rent and all application fees have been paid in full.  These keys may not be duplicated.  There will be a $120.00 charge for any lost key and any key not returned upon vacating or moving out. There is an additional $75 charge associated with any call for a lock out.  NO TENANT WILL BE PROVIDED A KEY OR ALLOWED TO MOVE IN UNTIL ALL TENANTS HAVE PROVIDED ALL THE REQUIRED FORMS WITH SIGNATURES AND CO-SIGNERS AND THERE IS A ZERO BALANCE.  _______________________________(minimum of one initial required here).


VII.  MOVE OUT NOTICE AND RENEWAL.  Unless another Lease is signed by the parties hereto or unless written notice of termination is given by one party to the other at least sixty (60) days before expiration of the Lease, the Lease shall be automatically renewed on a month to month basis.  Any move-out notice given by Tenant to Landlord may not terminate the Lease sooner than the end of the Lease term or renewal period.  If it does terminate the lease prematurely, refer to Paragraph V above for the corresponding consequences of abandonment or vacating of the premises.  If Tenant is month to month, the Tenantís move out notice will terminate the Lease on the exact day designated in the move-out notice but no sooner than sixty (60) days after the next rental due date after the notice.   Verbal move out notice is not sufficient.


VIII.      UTILITIES AND PARKING.  The Tenant shall pay for electric, gas, water and sewage, TV,

phone,  and internet * jointly and severally:


The Tenant shall be responsible for paying all the above-indicated services provided to the Premises during the term of the Lease. 


*  During the lease term, the Landlord will supply WOW!ís 30 M High Speed Internet with a wireless modem at no additional cost to Tenant(s). Tenant agrees to pay $75 per missing, stolen, or lost wireless modem.  Any other services and/or hardware desired by Tenant(s) above and beyond 30M High Speed Internet will be at Tenantís own expense  ______________________________________ (minimum of one initial required here).


Electric, Gas, Water and Sewage Usage: Tenant shall pay for the total electric, gas, water and sewage usage applicable to the Premises.  In some cases, Landlord will allocate gas, electrical, water and sewage usage each month and/or quarterly for the Premises and bill Tenant for the amount of gas, electrical, water and sewage usage attributable, in Landlordís reasonable discretion, to Tenant's Premises.  Landlord reserves the right to charge a nominal processing fee should the need to outsource the billing of these utilities become necessary. The amount of the bill sent to Tenant will be treated as rent which becomes due in the month immediately following the date of the billing to the Tenant in accordance with paragraph III, above.  In the event such bill is not paid in accordance with paragraph III, above, such failure to pay, at Landlord's election, shall constitute a default under the Lease.

Disconnection: Disconnection of the electric, gas or water/sewage service due to non-payment by the Tenant for more than five (5) days shall be considered material non-compliance by the Tenant under paragraph XVIII.


The Tenant shall not allow utilities, other than cable TV, internet, and  phone, to be disconnected by any means (including non-payment of bill) until the end of the Lease term or renewal period.   The Tenant agrees to reimburse the Landlord for any utility bills paid by the Landlord during the Tenantís responsibility to the Lease.  Utilities shall be used only for normal household purposes and not wasted.  Tenant is responsible for communication line maintenance charges and fees applied by communication provider.


Parking: Each tenantís purchase of a parking pass from Landlord [ďLandlordís parking passĒ] is optional. Tenantís purchase of Landlordís parking pass entitles tenant to park his or her own vehicle on a first come, first serve basis in any one of the unassigned parking spaces owned and maintained by Landlord.  Tenantís purchase of Landlordís parking pass does not, under any circumstance, provide tenant with a guaranteed parking space.  Tenantís purchase of a City of Columbus parking permit does not entitle tenant to park in any of the spots owned and maintained by Landlord AND the purchase of Landlordís parking pass does not entitle tenant to park in Cityís permitted spaces.  All Landlordís parking passes are non-transferrable.  All Landlordís parking passes must be properly affixed and visibly placed so that a reasonable person can view at all times that the vehicle is occupying a space.  Tenantís optional purchase of a parking pass will be treated as rent in accordance with paragraph III, herein.  If tenant purchases Landlordís parking pass and at a later date surrenders the pass, tenantís obligation to pay the monthly parking pass fee will terminate on the 1st of the month following such surrender. Under no circumstance will Landlord reimburse tenant for any prorated share of an unused monthly parking pass which is surrendered.  All tenants and corresponding co-signors signing this lease acknowledge and agree herein that they understand Landlordís parking policy and that violations thereof by tenant, including violations by invited and uninvited guests of tenant will entitle the Landlord to tow the vehicle in violation (with no further notice required) and to seek whatever legal remedies are permitted by law for any violations.  Landlord reserves the right to modify this parking policy at any time and Landlord reserves the right to withhold parking privileges from any tenant at any time for any reason.  Each tenant purchasing a parking permit will be given an instruction sheet showing permissible parking spaces and explaining Eventideís parking policies in more detail.  The parking instruction sheet is incorporated into this lease as if set forth herein.  One parking pass is included in the rent for King Ave. leases.   Additional parking passes for King leases will be charged at the prevailing parking pass rate.


IX.  PETS.   There shall be no dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles or pets of any kind permitted in, on, or about the Premises, or adjoining common areas (even temporarily), unless a written addendum with the Landlordís consent is added to the Lease that provides otherwise.  If a pet has been in the apartment at any time during the tenantís term of occupancy (with or without the Landlordís consent), a charge will be made for defleaing, deodorizing, and/or shampooing, carpet and pad replacement, sealing floors, and/or other damages occasioned by the pet. In addition, Landlord reserves the right to withhold tenantís entire house security deposit if it becomes necessary to do so after a pet is housed (with or without the Landlordís consent) on the Premises for any period of time. 


If Landlord consents to housing a pet, Tenant agrees to purchase and show proof thereof of a Renterís Insurance policy in effect at all times during the Lease term.


If Landlord consents to housing a pet, Tenant agrees to allow Landlord to conduct random or regular inspections of the premises aimed at ensuring that proper sanitation practices are in effect at all times.


 X. INSURANCE.  Tenant will be responsible for insuring all the Tenantís personal property within the Premises.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the Tenant purchase a Renterís Insurance policy.  Tenant hereby relieves the Landlord of all risk that can be insured by a Renterís Insurance policy.


XI.  USE AND ASSIGNMENT/SUBLETTING.  The Tenant agrees that the Premises shall be used only as a dwelling unit and for no other purpose; nor shall Premises or any part thereof be sublet or assigned, nor shall the number or name of occupants be increased or changed, without written consent of the Landlord.


XII.  TENANTíS DUTIES: The Tenant shall:


1.               Keep the Premises that he/she occupies and uses safe and sanitary;


2.               Dispose of all rubbish, garbage, and other waste including animal feces found in the yard at any time in a clean, safe and sanitary manner approved by the Landlord;


3.               Keep all plumbing fixtures in the premises or used by the Tenant as clean as their condition permits;


4.               Use and operate all electrical and plumbing fixtures properly;


5.               Comply with the requirements on Tenants by all applicable state and local housing, health and safety codes;


6.               Personally refrain, and forbid any other person who is on the Premises with his/her permission, from intentionally or  negligently destroying, defacing, damaging, or removing any fixture, appliance or, other part of the Premises;


7.               Maintain in good working order and condition any range, refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, or other appliances supplied by the landlord;


8.               Promptly notify the Landlord of the need of repairs or the existence of pests and/or rodents;


9.               Conduct him/herself and require other persons on Premises with his consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb his neighbors ďpeaceful enjoymentĒ of the Premises;


10.            Not unreasonably withhold consent for the Landlord or his/her agents to enter the Premises;


11.            Conduct himself, and require persons in his household and persons on the Premises with his consent to conduct themselves,  in connection with the Premises so as not to violate the prohibitions contained in Chapters 2925 and 3719 of the Ohio Revised Code, or in municipal ordinances that are substantially similar to any section in either of those chapters, which relate to controlled substances;


12.            Tenant shall keep all smoke detectors in good working order, including keeping batteries which work in each smoke detector, and regularly test all smoke detectors, supply electric current thereto (battery or electric current if required by Lease), and notify Landlord in writing of any mechanical failure, need for repair, or replacement.


13.            Personally refrain, and forbid any other person who is on the Premises with his/her permission, from intentionally or negligently destroying, defacing, damaging, or altering any part of the front or back yard as well as the doors and common hallway areas.  Front and back yards as well as doors and common hall areas are to remain free from clutter, litter, beer bottles, animal feces, and signs of any kind.


XIII.  LANDLORDíS DUTIES: The Landlord shall:


1. Comply with the requirements of all applicable building, housing, health and safety codes that materially affect health and safety;


2. Make all repairs and do whatever is reasonably necessary to put and keep the Premises in a fit and habitable condition;


3.     Keep all common areas of the Premises in a safe and sanitary condition;


4.     Maintain in good and safe working order and condition all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning fixtures and appliances supplied by the Landlord;


5.     When he/she is a party to any rental agreements that cover four or more dwelling units in the same structure, provide and maintain appropriate receptacles for the removal of ashes, garbage, rubbish and other waste incidental to the occupancy of the dwelling unit and arrange for their removal;


6.     Supply running water, reasonable amounts of hot water and reasonable amounts of heat at all times, except where the building that includes the Premises is not required by law to be equipped for that purpose, or the Premises is so constructed that the heat or the hot water is generated by an installation within the exclusive control of the Tenant and supplied by a direct utility connection;


7.     Except in the case of emergency and rental showings, or if it is impractical to do so, give the Tenant at least twenty-four (24) hours notice of his intent to enter and enter only at reasonable times;


8.     Not abuse the right of access as described in this Lease.


9.     Landlord shall furnish and repair smoke detectors, upon written notice by Tenant, as required by law.


XIV.  CONDITIONS OF PREMISES and ALTERATIONS.  The Tenant accepts the Premises AS IS, except for conditions materially affecting health or safety of ordinary persons, and except as otherwise indicated on the inventory and condition form described below, the Landlord makes no implied warranties.  The Landlord shall provide an inventory and condition form to the Tenant at move-in.  At move-in, the Tenant shall note all defects or damages on the form and return it to the Landlordís agent; otherwise the Premises shall be presumed to be in clean, safe and good working condition.  The Tenant shall use customary diligence in care of the apartment and common areas.  Whenever damage is caused by the Tenants, the Tenantís guests, or occupants due to carelessness, misuse, neglect, or failure to notify the Landlord of any need for repairs, the Tenant agrees to pay  (1) the cost of all repairs and do so within thirty (30) days after receipt of the Landlordís demand for the repair charges; and (2) rent for the period the unit is damaged whether or not the unit is habitable.  The Tenant may not perform any repairs, painting, wallpapering, carpeting, electrical changes, or other alterations to the Landlordís property except as authorized by the Landlord in writing.  No holes or stickers are allowed inside or outside the apartment; however, a reasonable number of small nail holes for picture hanging are permitted.  No water furniture, antennas (including but not limited to Direct TV type antennas), additional phone or TV cable outlets, alarm systems, or lock changes, additions or re-keying shall be permitted except with the Landlordís prior written consent.  The Tenant shall not disable, disconnect, alter or remove the Landlordís property, including security devices, alarm systems, smoke detectors, appliances, furniture, blinds, and screens.  When the Tenant moves in, the Landlord shall furnish light bulbs for fixtures furnished by the Landlord; thereafter, light bulbs of the same wattage shall be replaced at the Tenantís expense.  When moving out, the Tenant shall surrender the Premises in clean and in good repair with any and all alterations returned to their original condition; regardless of whether Tenant signed an ďAS IS AGREEMENTĒ prior to move in.  All premises should be surrendered in a condition that is clean enough and in good enough repair that a new tenant could move in without Landlordís need to clean, repair, paint, etc., any part of the premises.  The Landlord is not required to rebuild or restore the premises if said premises became uninhabitable by reason of fire or other casualty caused by the negligence of the Tenants, Tenantsí guests, or occupants.


XV.  WHEN THE LANDLORD MAY ENTER.  The Landlord, or the Landlordís representatives may enter the Premises during reasonable times for the purposes listed below using a duplicate or master key. When possible, a written email notice shall be given to the Tenant twenty-four (24) hours prior to entry.  The Landlord reserves the right to enter the Premises without notice in case of emergency, in case of a showing, and in case of a tenant initiated work order.  The Landlord reserves the right to enter at any time if locks have been changed in violation of the Lease.


Such entry may be for the following but is not limited to the following: assessing damages; making repairs, estimating repair or refurbishing costs; pest control; preventive maintenance; filter changes; testing or replacing smoke detectors; retrieving unreturned tools or appliances; preventing waste of utilities; delivering, installing, reconnecting, or replacing appliances; furniture, equipment, security devices or alarm systems; removing or re-keying unauthorized security devices or unauthorized alarm systems; removing health or safety hazards (including hazardous materials); inspections when imminent danger to person or property is reasonably suspected; entry by a law enforcement officer with search warrant or arrest warrant; showing apartment to prospective tenants; or insurance agents; or other valid business purposes.


XVI.  NON-LIABILITY.  The Tenant acknowledges that any security measures provided by the Landlord shall not be treated by the Tenant as a guarantee against crime or a reduction in the risk of crime.  The Landlord shall not be liable to the Tenant, the Tenantís guests, or occupants for injury, damage, or loss to person or property caused by criminal conduct of other persons, including theft, burglary, assault, vandalism, or other crimes.  The Landlord shall not be liable to the Tenant, guest or occupant for personal injury or damage or loss of personal property from fire, flood, water leaks, rain, hail, ice, snow, smoke, lightning, wind, explosions, and interruption of utilities unless caused by the Landlordís negligence. The Landlord has no duty to remove ice, sleet, or snow; but the Landlord may do so in whole or in part, with or without notice.  If the Landlordís employees are requested to render services not contemplated in the Lease, the Tenant shall hold the Landlord harmless from all liability for same.


XVII. ENVIRONMENTAL DISCLAIMER. Tenant acknowledges that Landlord has made no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the environmental condition of the Property, including but not limited to the existence of  mold, mildew and/or any other environmental hazards or conditions on the Property.


XVIII. LEASE COMPLIANCE.  The Landlord and the Tenant have, at all times, the right to require compliance with all covenants, terms and conditions of the Lease, notwithstanding any conduct or custom on the Landlordís or the Tenantís part in refraining from so doing at any time.  Waiver at any time of any breach or condition of the Lease shall not constitute or become a waiver of any subsequent breach, or change any condition of the Lease.  The Landlord, where not required by law, may discontinue any facilities, amenities, or such services rendered by the Landlord and furnished to several tenants on a common basis, not expressly covenanted for herein, it being understood that they constitute no part of the consideration for the Lease.


XIX.  DEFAULT BY THE TENANT.  In the event the Tenant is in default of any of the terms or obligations of the Lease, violates and/or fails to comply with any of the covenants, terms or conditions of the Lease, or any community policies herein or hereafter adopted by the Landlord, said default shall constitute grounds for termination of the Lease and/or eviction by the Landlord.  It is expressly understood and agreed that the Tenant shall be and remain liable for any deficiency in rent until the Lease expires or until such time as in the interim, the Premises are leased by another acceptable tenant.  The Tenant shall also be and remain liable for any expense incidental to re-letting, cleaning costs beyond normal wear and tear, trash removal, painting costs, utilities, or any other damages and costs which the Landlord has sustained by virtue of the Tenantís use and occupancy of the Premises or default under the Lease.


Providing any false information on the rental application shall also constitute default under the terms of this Lease Agreement and, in such event, Landlord may terminate the tenancy and evict the Tenant at the Landlordís sole and absolute discretion.


XX.  DEFAULT BY THE LANDLORD.  If the Landlord is in default of the obligations imposed by the Lease, the Tenant may terminate the Lease by following these procedures (as directed by Revised Code 5321.07): (1) the Tenant shall make written request to the Landlord or Landlordís agents for repair or remedy of the condition within a reasonable time, and all rents must be current at such time; after receiving the request, the Landlord shall have the reasonable time to repair, or remedy, considering the nature of the problem and reasonable availability of materials, labor and utilities, (reasonable time is considered to be not more than thirty (30) days); if such time has passed and if the Landlord has not made a diligent effort to repair or has not reported on the progress of remedy, then the Tenant may deposit all rent that is due, on or before the due date, with the Clerk of Courts of the County that has jurisdiction or (2) the Tenant may give written notice of intent to terminate the Lease unless the repair is made within thirty (30) days.


XXI.  ENTIRE AGREEMENT.  The Lease and attached Addenda listed in Paragraph XXIV are the entire agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant.  No representations oral or written, not contained herein or attached hereto, shall bind either party, except any attached Addendum.  The Landlord or the Landlordís agents (including management personnel and other employees or agents) do not have authority to waive, amend or terminate the Lease or any part of it and do not have authority to make promises, representations or agreements which impose duties of security or other obligation on the Landlord or the Landlordís agents unless done in writing.  No action or omission of the Landlordís representative shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent violation, default, or time or place of performance.


XXII.  SEVERABILITY.  If any portion of the Lease is found to be void, unenforceable, or against public policy, the remaining portions of the Lease shall not be affected.


XXIII.  BINDING EFFECT.  The Lease is binding on the Landlord and the Tenant and on their respective heirs, successors, executors, and administrators.  The Consumer Sales Practices Act does not apply to the Lease.


XXIV.  ADDENDA.    All paperwork executed in connection with this lease (i.e. including the Lease Packet booklet) will be considered a part of this lease and will be incorporated into this lease by reference hereto.









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