Move In FAQs

Where do I go first on move in day?

2301 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43202; the Eventide, Inc. office.

If I am the first one to show up at move in, what do I need to do when I arrive at 2301 North High St.?

The first one to show up at move in will be responsible for:
  1. Tendering rent and application fees on behalf of the whole house so that there is a zero account balance. Statements showing balance dues for each apartment will follow this email.  Consult with your roommates before arriving at 2301 North High Street to arrange to pay in full the balance due. For August 1 or Sept 1 and beyond Sept 1 move ins, please call or email for a current statement before your move in.
  2. Filling out and returning to the office the attached move in form, noting any defects in your unit on behalf of you and your roommates.  You want to note these items when you move in so that they can be corrected, if possible, or as confirmation that you and your roommates will not be charged for uncorrected defects at move out.
  3. Providing proof of renter’s insurance if a dog will be housed in your apartment.

If I am not willing to do what it takes to get to a zero balance and/or fill out and return the attached move in form, and/or provide proof of renter’s insurance for a dog in the house, then I should not be the first one to arrive on move in day, correct?

Correct!  The person or people who arrive at Eventide’s office first need to take responsibility for the three items in Q.2. above.  You will not get a key(s) to your place until the balance is zero, the move-in form has been completed, and proof of renter’s insurance has been tendered for apartments that will have a dog.

If one of my roommates or I plan(s) to house a pet, what needs to happen?

In addition to the required proof of renter’s insurance, Eventide will need to receive the security deposit for the pet prior to issuing a key to the apartment, and EACH of the roommates will have to make sure HIS/HER BOOKLET reflects that there will be a pet on the premises.  It does not matter to whom the pet belongs – all have to acknowledge its presence.  Please do not attempt to sneak pets into your apartment, even to visit.  We will find out about it, and there will be a serious penalty or eviction.

I have heard that landlords cannot withhold security deposit refunds for normal wear and tear.  Does that mean I can leave dirty appliances, dirty floors, dirty bathroom fixtures, etc. at move out?

No. You should strive, as you move out, to recreate the fresh clean move-in condition that greeted you when you first arrived.  Move-out starts at move-in.  If you can remember that throughout your tenancy, you will benefit greatly.  Also, if you can abide by the attached resident rules at all times, you’ll be in GREAT shape.

If a dog, cat, other pet, or a person defecates on my floor, will I get my security deposit back if I shampoo the carpet and save a receipt?

It is highly unlikely that you will receive your security deposit back in this scenario.  Eventide’s move out inspections include smelling the carpet for such accidents.  Smells and stains from accidents of this nature are difficult to remove by shampooing the carpet.  Unfortunately, there is also usually an accompanying permanent stain under the carpet and on the hardwood flooring.

What if I purchased items from the outgoing tenants?

That is allowed, but you need to fill out the attached Indemnity form and perform the items shown on the form.

Where should I park while moving in?

You can park anywhere on the property because Shamrock Towing has strict instructions not to tow vehicles “in-move” at move in.

Where and for how much can I buy my parking permit?

You can purchase an optional parking permit for first come first serve parking in Eventide’s private spaces at anytime (including as early as move in day) at 2301 North High Street for $40 per month. You will sign and receive the attached parking instructions form when you purchase a pass.  Once the permit is purchased, however, it must be physically returned to the office in order to stop the $40 per month charge.  Lost permits will be put on the TOW immediately list and will be replaced at no additional charge.  Towing from Eventide’s private spaces is in effect 24/7 after you have moved in.  King Ave. tenants receive one parking permit per apartment free of charge because it is included in their base rent.  Additional parking permits per King Ave. apartment are available for $40 per month.  King Ave. tenants can use an Eventide permit to park on a first come first serve basis in campus spaces shown in red on the attached parking instruction form.  If you would like to have a covered guaranteed space for your car see Q. 16. below.

What do I need to know about setting up my utilities?

  1. Water – If you reside at 75 West Oakland, 15 E. Northwood, 47 West Oakland, 43 West Oakland, 35 West Oakland, 46 West Northwood, 21 W. Oakland, 37 West Oakland, 39 West Oakland or 71 West Oakland we will have a form for you to sign at move in time which will put the water service in your name.  All other addresses have service in Eventide’s name and will be billed for water usage by Eventide on a quarterly basis.
  2. Gas – If you reside at 1400 King, 2305 North High Street, 37 West Oakland, 37 ½ West Oakland, 2268 North High, 2279 North High, or 2285 North High, you don’t need to do anything, because gas service exists in Eventide’s name, and you will be billed monthly  by Eventide.  If you live anyplace else, please establish service directly with either the gas provider of your choice or Columbia Gas (800-344-4077).
  3. Electric – If you reside at 2305 North High Street, you don’t need to do anything because service already exists in Eventide’s name and you will be billed for electric monthly by Eventide.  If you live anyplace else, please establish service directly with American Electric Power (AEP) at (800-277-2177).


What forms of rent payment does Eventide accept?

Eventide will accept personal checks, money orders, online bill pay checks, and automated clearing house (ACH) electronic funds transfers.  If you want to pay rent using ACH, please read, fill out, and sign the attached ACH form in an Eventide staff member’s presence.

What if I want a bedroom lock and key for my bedroom door?

Eventide discourages the use of bedroom door locks, however, if you MUST have one, you MUST use an Eventide regulation lock (and key).  On move in day or anytime after that, you can fill out and sign the attached bedroom lock form in order to request the lock and key OR the key if the lock is already on your bedroom door.  The use of non-regulation locks and keys is strictly prohibited and is a lease violation. While you may see some non-regulation locks around the property, these are from a time when Eventide did not have regulation locks available.  On account of safety issues that non-regulation locks introduce, Eventide has a zero tolerance for their use.  If a lock MUST be installed, it MUST be a regulation lock.

Where can I get a floor plan of my apartment with dimensions? features accurate floor plans. Just click on the “T-square” icon located to the right of your apartment address on the web site.

 Is campus safe?

Please recognize that you will be living in an urban environment and that you should keep the following common sense things in mind: 1) Don’t leave visible valuables in your car, 2) Keep your apartment doors locked at all times, 3) Be aware and don’t hesitate to call the CPD to report any suspicious persons or behavior that you might notice, 4) If you are leaving for an extended time during a holiday or school break, please ensure that your apartment has a lived-in look by keeping some lights on.  Reference the CPD flyer attached here for additional safety tips.

Can I move in earlier than my lease says?

Yes. We do have an “as-is” option that you can sign up for.  Write for more information on the “as-is” option.

Can I rent a guaranteed covered garage space for my car?

Yes.  Write if you want to rent a guaranteed covered garage space for your car.  We rent them for $100 per month, when available, and we require a lease and a security deposit for the garage spaces.