Move Out FAQs

When am I to vacate the property?

If you are not sure of your lease end date, then email to find out.  You must be completely moved out no later than midnight on that day.  Your failure to have all  keys returned by midnight on your lease end date will result in being charged an extra day for being in possession of the property.  Lost keys cost $120 per key.  By two days after your lease end date, your key will be considered lost and the charges will be applied to your account.

When does the move out process start?

Move out starts at move in.  Normal wear and tear excepted, your apartment at move out should look exactly the same as your apartment at move in – IN EVERY RESPECT.

Does normal wear and tear mean I can leave dirty appliances, dirty floors, dirty bathroom fixtures, etc.?

You should strive, as you move out, to recreate that fresh clean move in smile and feeling Eventide knows you had when you moved in. If you were an “as-is” move in, you may not have smiled when you moved in but you should make Eventide smile on your way out.  PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.

If a dog, cat, other pet, or even a human defecated on my floor, will I get my security deposit back if I shampoo the carpet and save a receipt?

It is not likely.  Eventide’s move out inspections include smelling the carpet for such accidents.  Smells and stains from accidents of this nature are difficult to remove by shampooing the carpet.  Unfortunately, there is also usually an accompanying permanent stain under the carpet and on the hardwood flooring.

Did Eventide smell the carpet before I moved in?


Will you charge for the removal of bulk materials, trash, and other items I leave behind?

Yes, Items that were not present when you moved in will be removed by Eventide, and you will be charged accordingly.

What if I sold items of mine to the incoming tenants?

You may do this, however, you need to fill out the attached Indemnity form and perform the items shown on the form.

Does Eventide plan on keeping my security deposit?

No.  Eventide would like nothing more than to return 100% of your security deposit to you.  We are not in the business of keeping security deposits.  We are in the business of renting clean, well maintained, charming apartments to students who expect quality.  Occasionally we have to charge MORE THAN the security deposit we are holding.  That only happens when tenants don’t read and act upon these FAQs.

Can I leave other things, besides my clearly marked sold items in the basement?

No. Every basement needs to have EVERYTHING removed at move out, including washers and dryers that do not belong to Eventide.

How much does it cost Eventide to haul things I leave behind away?

It is an expensive inconvenience to haul out your belongings.  Eventide can’t rely on minimum wage workers or contractors.  Eventide spends approximately $60 for one labor hour.

Do I have to schedule a walk through inspection with Eventide in order to get a security deposit refund?

No. Eventide will inspect your apartment after you are gone.

How can I maximize the return of my security deposit?

We are so glad you asked!

Eventide must have in its possession the below 3 things. Because the keys are so expensive when lost, it will be necessary for you to find a staff person to hand them to upon move out or you can make an appointment by emailing for one.

1) All apartment keys issued on a lease including bedroom door lock keys;

2) All parking permits issued on a lease;

5) A check bringing your Eventide account to a zero balance.

Eventide will be primarily focusing on the below 5 things during its move out inspection (see attached example move out charges – these are subject to change depending upon the circumstances)

  • Carpet and floor cleanliness throughout;
  • Cleanliness of all kitchen appliances and fixtures;
  • Cleanliness of all bathroom fixtures including tub, sink, and toilet;
  • Removal bulk, trash, and other items; and
  • Whether or not a new tenant can move in (with a smile).

Can I use my security deposit to pay for my last month’s rent?

No you may not.

Can I take the window A/C unit (s) that came with the house?

No you may not remove any appliances that came with your rental.

When will I get my security deposit back?

You will hear from Eventide as soon as maintenance finishes your move out inspection form.  You and your roommates will be contacted via email at the same time asking for the name of the person to whom the refund should be made out to and an address where it should be sent. For each apartment, one check will be mailed to one forwarding address.  Start watching your email around 25 days after you move out.