“Hi Susan, I wish that all my landlords were as organized and responded back as quickly as you have. This has been a great 4 years! I was really lucky that Lei found this apartment. It’s the perfect location, especially for students that need to commute to the medical campus at OSU. If a job opportunity arises around the area I’d definitely check for openings at 1400 King. Thank you so much for having me! I’ll miss working with you and Mary.” Chris – (PharmD) – Cranbury, NJ (Summer ’19)

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for the really awesome job Charlie and his crew did. The kitchen and bathroom both look fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. As I’ve mentioned before, my family is in the construction business, so I have a first-hand understanding of all the hard work that went into this remodel. Thanks for making this happen!” David – (Business) – Cleveland, OH (Winter ’19)

“I was so happy to know that my youngest daughter will be renting from Eventide, too. My oldest daughter currently lives in an Eventide property. It has been a great experience that I’m sure will be repeated.” Angela – (Parent) – Bolingbrook, IL (Fall ’18)

“Susan, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the positive experience that my girls had in their first apartment. I am disappointed that they decided to relocate. I am impressed by how responsive you were with any issues and I felt completely at ease with them being in your property. Thank you again!” Jean – (Parent) – Cincinnati, OH (Summer ’18)

“I hope this email finds you well! I’m not sure if you remember me, but Lei and I used to rent from you while we were in Cbus for pharmacy school at OSU. I was actually emailing you to see if I could get some advice from you on how to go about getting started in real estate with rental properties. Real estate has always been an ambition of mine and now that we have started to settle down a bit, I would love to get started. You have always been a fantastic landlord, so I was just seeing if you had any advice on which resources may have helped you along the way. Would love to learn from you! Thank you in advance for your time and any advice you may be able to provide.” Yan – (Parmacy) – Nashville, TN (Winter, ’17)

Mary made the leasing process easy and painless, from viewing units to signing the lease I never had a question left unanswered and am very happy with the process as a whole. I am recommending leasing with Mary from Eventide to all my friends! Michael – Kirtland, OH (Winter ’17)

Thanks for being so great! From getting me into the apartment, to being attentive to concerns and issues and questions, it has been really nice renting from you! I really appreciate it. Claire – (Architecture) – Toledo, OH (Summer ’17)

I also want to thank you and your staff for your empathy and professionalism with my situation and helping me resolve it. It certainly is a relief to know the leasing office is actually concerned with the well being of their tenants. Charles – (MA in Arts Policy and Administration) – Ashland, KY (Summer ’17)

I have told several co-workers what a great experience I had living at 1400 King. Who knows, I may find myself back in Columbus and I will definitely be in touch if I do return back. Patrick – Los Angeles, CA (Spring ’17)

I have loved living at 1400 and if I ever move back from California I’ll be checking to see if you have openings in the building 🙂 Katerina – (Florist) – Columbus, OH (Spring ’17)

Thank you so much again. And definitely, for my housing needs in Columbus, Eventide is my only choice. You’re the best! And thank you again. Victorialita – Japan (Winter ’17)

This has been a stellar place, you all have been so friendly and helpful, and I am very lucky to have been able to rent with Eventide–I have heard so many horror stories from friends renting from other off-campus companies who don’t keep their properties in good shape and don’t response to emails or maintenance or anything! Hannah – (English Major, Studio Fine Arts Minor) – Cleveland, OH (Fall ’16)

We just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for taking care of our maintenance requests so quickly. We really like our new faucet and we’d also like to ask you to pass along our thanks to the maintenance crew, who did a great job with the installation. Nathaniel – (Chemical Engineering) – Dublin, OH (Spring ’16)

Yes! Thank you very much for the quick response. It is very much appreciated. I have been extremely pleased with the speed at which Eventide has responded to maintenance requests. Have a great weekend. Sam – (Political Science) – Hudson, OH (Fall ’15)

Thank you for everything these past 2 years you have been a great landlord and I will miss renting from Eventide. Nick – (Denistry) – Pittsburgh, PA (Fall ’15)

I appreciate the work Eventide has done for us, and I really have enjoyed renting from you. We have nothing but good things to say about y’all 🙂 Marc – (Accounting) – Lexington, KY (Fall ’15)

Thanks for everything you did during the year I lived in an Eventide rental. I loved living there! Emaline – (Biomedical Science) – Troy, OH (Fall ’15)

I just wanted to drop you a small note and say that I as well as my other roommates would like to say thank you for the quick and swift repairs to our house. You guys have been very responsive and we appreciate it. Zach – (Electrical Engineering) – Merdina, OH (Summer ’15)

I wanted to take the time to thank you for how quickly all of my maintenance requests were solved this week. I really appreciate the efficiency and concern and can say with confidence that I’m very happy I’m renting from Eventide so far. Kelsey – (Neuroscience) – Mayfield Village, OH (Summer ’15)

You have been a great landlord and we will not hesitate to recommend you and your staff to anyone looking to rent in the campus area. Chris and Erin – (Summer ’15)

Well please tell your boss as an out of town prospective renter I very much appreciated her kindness in the voicemail she left me. I have been doing a lot of calling around and the majority have not been pleasant or personable and I wanted to make sure I gave accolades to the kind business people who have been! 🙂 Alexandra – (Prospective Tenant – Los Angeles, CA (Spring ’15)

Wow Susan, just wow! We all at the Red house are extremely impressed and thankful for the quick response time and absolute resolution of our problems. Thank you for responding to our request so quickly! Daniel – (Biological Engineering) – Hudson, OH (Fall ’14)

Thanks so much for taking care of this. Helpful repair people came yesterday and replaced the dishwasher. It works great and I think it is an improved model from the original one (it takes 1/3 to 1/4 of the time to do a full cycle). I think Chris and I have been very lucky with not needing many repairs for the apartment, and I know we are very fortunate that Eventide takes care of our requests so promptly and so well. =) I’m all but certain that this kind of care and response time would not be the case at some other campus apartments or apartments in general, so thank you again. Lalita – (Psychology and Spanish) – Newark, OH (Fall ’14)

I will be gone next year, but I just wanted to thank you for your good housing these last two years. Ryan (Ecomonics) – Columbus, OH (Fall ’14)

We like working with you guys so we’d rather stick with your properties if at all possible!! Grace (Parent) – Canal Winchester, OH (Fall ’14)

I will enjoy the rest of my year in a great apartment. Thank you (and Mary) so much for being so accommodating – an so pleasant to talk to! Amanda (Electrical Engineering) – Chagrin Falls, OH (Fall ’14)

Thank you Susan! You all are wonderful and my stay in Columbus was fantastic:) Elizabeth (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) Chelmsford, MA (Summer ’14)

I’d love to stay with eventide! Ash (Art Graduate) – Apopka, FL (Summer ’14)

Thank you again for a great experience. I truly did enjoy my experience and have recommended Eventide to a couple friends coming to OSU for Grad School. Eric (Health Sciences) – Midland, MI (Summer ’14)

I wanted to write you just in case–do you happen to know if you all have any more single bedroom apartments available? I was looking over the website and just wanted to make sure as a lot of the places you have listed look so nice. Carly (Strategic Communications) – Canton, OH (Summer ’14)

Thank you SO much for being so accommodating. I appreciate you. You’re amazing! I appreciate that so much. Thank you. We have had nothing but a fantastic experience living at The Dollhouse 🙂 I would recommend anyone to rent with you! Shelby (Communication & English Major) – New Concord, OH (Spring ’14)

Thank you so much for going out of your way to get these keys to us. It is very appreciated and does not go unnoticed! Whitney (Education Major) – Maineville, OH (Spring ’14)

Hi Susan; Thank you for the quick response and for your support throughout this year. Renting through Eventide truly has been a blessing. Yow – (Biology/Economics) – Hudson, OH (Spring ’14)

Thanks so much for being so accommodating …..! You guys are really fantastic. Ash (Art Major) – Apopka, FL (Spring ’14)

Hi Susan! As I told Mary, it has been great leasing from Eventide. From my side and from my roommate’s, we wanted to make sure that if we lived anywhere near campus, it would be through you guys. Thank you for everything you and Mary have done for us this year and for next year’s leases. Bayley (Business) – Wilmington, OH (Spring ’14)

Hi Susan, it’s hard to believe that nearly 2 years have gone by. Our experience of renting from you has been outstanding – the house is well maintained, your proactive help outstanding, and willingness to go above and beyond greatly appreciated. The most recent example was when our car got stuck in the snow on the street and your maintenance man came to help – what a nice thing to do! As I said before, please let me know if any parents ever want an insiders perspective on your rental company. With 5 kids, we have had many experiences with rentals…..your company is by far the absolute best that we’ve dealt with! Patty (Mother of Veterinary Graduate) – Northfield Center, OH (Spring ’14)

Hi Mary – Thank you so much for helping get quick service with my water heater, I really appreciate it! Carter – (Animal Bioscience) – Westerville, OH (Winter ’14)

Hi, Susan! I was going to tell you how helpful Mary has been and how pleased I am with my apartment after only having been there for two days! Mary is so sweet, as I’m sure you know! She has been so helpful and she was flexible when I was late bringing her my move-in checklist and February rent when I was moving in on Friday. I love the apartment even more than I remember and I am SO pleased with how much natural light my unit gets! In fact, yesterday I was searching for a light switch to turn off in my apartment until I realized that it was all natural light! Everything is so updated and I love the new medicine cabinet in the bathroom! I’m so pleased with my place and I can’t stop talking about how much I love it. I’ve even taken videos and sent them to friends! I appreciate how helpful you and Mary have been. Thank you again! Jill (High School Spanish Teacher) – Dublin, OH (Winter ’14)

Her 2 years of renting from you have been marvelous. Again, if ever someone wants to hear a reference for your company. Let me know! I am happy to brag about you guys. Patty (Parent of Veterinary Graduate) – Northfield Center, OH (Winter ’14)

Eventide Team – thank you for your help in subleasing my Son’s room in his home after he received his Co-op at Disney for Industrial Engineering. I have been reading that OSU has some property management issues, and it is apparent that Eventide is not part of the problem. While my Son is living on his own for the first time I know he has a decent place to live in. Eventide has made my Son’s experience at OSU great and has given me comfort knowing he is in a good/safe home. Thanks so much Mary… you guys are great! Lori (Mother) – Copley, OH (Fall ’13)

Thank you for being a great landlord to both of us for the past 3 years. Dan (History and Security & Intelligence) – Marillo, NY (Fall ’13)

Dan and I are looking to stay in the Columbus area, just not near campus anymore. Being able to continue renting from Eventide would be fantastic 🙂 Morgan (Information Systems) – Tipp City, OH (Fall ’13)

It has been a pleasure renting from you and I would definitely recommend Eventide to a friend. Thanks for everything! Casey (Biology) – Castalia, OH (Fall ’13)

First, renting from you has been a great experience (and we plan to be here for a few more years so keep up the good work!). It’s great… 1) how close you guys are to everything; it’s nice to be able to walk to your landlord’s house; and 2) how available you guys always are. I never even saw my last landlord once (face to face at least). Bryan (Information Systems with a CSE Minor) – Maineville, OH (Fall ’13)

Thanks for being a great landlord during our time with Eventide. We would highly recommend you guys to anyone! Thanks! Jonathan (Biblical Studies) – Worthington, OH (Fall ’13)

I have been pleased to hear from Elliot that your company has been treating him well with respect to customer service. I really appreciate that you take good care of your tenants. Brian (Father) – Columbus, OH (Fall ’13)

Eventide has been such a pleasure to work with! I will definitely be recommending you to people I know looking to rent at OSU. Thanks for all you’ve done and best wishes! Lisa (Mother) – Cincinnati, OH (Summer ’13)

Thank you again for being so helpful to me the past few years, both as a landlord and with entering law school! Chris (Marketing) – North Royalton, OH (Summer ’13)

Thanks again for being great landlords–we have really enjoyed living here:) Christine – Columbus, OH (Summer ’13)

Thanks for being a great landlord! Not so easy to find in campus housing. Celia (English) – Worthington, OH (Summer ’13)

We will miss living there. Eventide was a great company to deal with. Thank you for all of your help! Matt (Construction Management) – North Royalton, OH (Summer ’13)

The Eventide name will carry with it a positive recommendation between both Brad and I as we venture forth. Josh (Chemical Engineering) – Bexley, OH (Summer ’13)

We couldn’t have asked for more from Eventide in our time here, you (Susan) and the office are a rare example of a rental company with a conscious. I think you should be really proud of that. Dean (Under Graduate: English/Political Science & Graduate: Law) – Youngstown, OH (Summer ’13)

Eventide has been one of the best campus renters. After 9 years on campus, we have dealt with many different companies. Mary has always been very helpful and is an excellent example of great customer service. Diane (Parent of Veterinary Graduate) – Dublin, OH (Spring ’13)

Thank you so much for how well you take care of your rentals, specifically the house that Kelly rents. She is so comfortable there and greatly appreciates you guys. She had an electrical outlet problem a few weeks ago, and your guys were there so fast. Your staff is OUTSTANDING. Patty (Parent) – Northfield , OH (Winter ’12)

I’m pretty bummed you guys have nothing open though! I’ve heard from tons of people you guys are the best landlords in the entire OSU area. Forrest (Mechanical Engineering) – Chicago, IL (Winter ’12)

Chris and I really enjoy being tenants here and we know that everyone at Eventide is always working hard to care for its properties and tenants. =) Lalita (Non-Student) – Newark, OH (Winter ’12)

I love being part of the ‘Eventide Family’! Emily (Winter ’12)

You guys are great!! Elaine (Parent) – Tipp City, OH (Winter ’12)

Hi Susan – Again, you guys have been so great to work with!! From the day I first contacted you, you guys have been wonderful. From showing me apartments multiple times, offering early move-ins, offering to modify apartments to my liking, to having people here so I can get my WOW service fixed….no complaints! Jessica (Communications and New Media Technology) – Clayton, OH (Winter ’12)

Hello Susan and Eventide Family! Thanks for being such good landlords and letting me stay in my adorable little house that I love so much! Annie (Linguistics) – Lebanon, OH (Winter ’12)

I know boys Oakland, and they have said great things about your service, guidance etc., so I am very interested in staying in contact with you to learn more about the available places to rent for the 2013-2014 school year. Amanda (Electrical Engineering) – Chagrin, OH (Fall ’12)

Next year we will not be renewing our lease and I was wondering if you have any 2 or 3 bedroom apartments available for next year. I really enjoyed renting from you guys and I would love to continue. If you have any available I was also wondering how early you would recommend me and my roommate looking at them. I heard that they don’t go as fast as the big houses so I was wondering if that’s true or not. Thanks so much for the past 2 years! I hope I will continue for at least one more!! Brian (Civil Engineering) – Marysville, OH (Fall ’12)

We’ve had a wonderful experience with Eventide and I’ve recommended you to friends who are house hunting. Celia (English) – Columbus, OH (Fall ’12)
All is well! You guys are great! Elaine (Parent) – Tipp City, OH (Fall ’12)

I do want to take the time to let you know how great of a landlord you have been the past four years. You have helped make our time here truly enjoyable. Eventide is a great company, with great people. I love our place, both Stephanie and I will miss it. We brought our son home to it, so it will always be something special. I hope the next tenants enjoy it and care for it as much as we did. Erik (Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration) – Los Angeles, CA (Summer ’12)

We have very warm feelings towards everyone at Eventide. Your willingness to help us out of a bind is a mark of what a good company you run. I know that many other rental agencies would not have been willing to work with us to find a solution. Alexa (Geology) – Amana, IA (Summer 12)

Thank you so much for all you did. We loved our place! Rachel (Food Science) – Medina, OH (Summer ’12)

Thanks for taking care of Yan and Lei, you are always there for them with excellent service. I appreciate it very much. They really enjoy the location, the easy access to the bus stop and walking distance to Kroger. We are lucky that the apartment was available when Yan started at OSU pharmacy program this time last year. Yan (Mother of Pharmacy Student) – Nashville, TN (Summer ’12)

Susan, most of my friends who live off campus have ill words for their landlords. It’s supposed to be a truism that college housing necessarily includes a bad renting experience. Eventide has been nothing but the opposite of this status quo. You have repeatedly worked with us and seem to approach your customers as friends rather than adversaries. I’m confident that my brother and his friends will have the same experience, and am sure they will also come to appreciate Eventide’s civility and level-headiness. Thanks for a good 2 years. It was our first time renting a property, and I’ve learned so much. I can only hope that my future landlords can live up to your sensibility and benevolence. Alex (Political Science) – Akron, OH (Summer ’12)

Mary, you have been so helpful! I am so glad I am renting for eventide this year. Thank you! Rachel (Hospitality Management) – Wellington, OH (Summer ’12)

Susan, Mary and the whole Eventide crew; The last 4 years I have lived at 2288 North High have been such a great experience. I am so sad to leave, but must venture off to be closer to my job. Everyone at Eventide has become like family over the years. Keeping in touch on a regular basis is a must after I leave! Eventide not only has beautiful apartments with character, but they also have an amazing staff and maintenance crew who is there for you 24/7. I can’t express in words how much I appreciate each and every individual that makes Eventide such a wonderful company to rent from! Ashley – Medina, OH (Summer ’12)

It really was a great experience. There are some horror stories in campus housing…..you guys were great, and always took care of whatever we needed and that was wonderful! Thanks again Mary, you and Susan have been so great! Haley (Psychology) – Sylvania, OH (Summer ’12)

I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated your follow-through with the voicemail I had left. It means a lot that Eventide cares about the relatively little things, even at a time when hardly anybody has power and there are bigger concerns to be worrying about. I’m very thankful that Eventide has always treated us so well. Lalita (Psychology & Spanish) – Newark, OH (Summer ’12)

I had a great year living with Eventide and you guys are great landlords. I appreciate everything you all did to make my school year easy and comfortable! Anne (Marketing & Logistic) – Clarksville, OH (Summer ’12)

The experience with Eventide has been hands-down the best customer service I have ever had! Bryan (City & Regional Planning) – Sunbury, OH (Summer ’12)

Dear Eventide – It has been wonderful living in one of your apartments these past two years. You have always been helpful and attentive! Thank you so much for everything! Jillian (Psychology) – Loveland, OH (Summer ’12)

Hi Mary! I have been looking for housing for next year, I have come to even more appreciate how lucky I was to be renting from eventide! I think you are the best rental company and I am seriously sure that I will be disappointed next year in comparison! Please pass my gratitude on to Susan and the maintenance people! Brittany (Biomedical Engineering) – Willoughby Hills (Summer ’12)

I absolutely loved living at 1400 King and am so excited to move back. Eventide has been a great experience thus far. Rosa (Early Childhood Education) – Yellow Springs, OH (Winter ’11)

I really enjoyed staying at Eventide the past couple years. You guys were wonderful. I miss that apartment already! Krystal (Optometry) – Detroit Lakes, MN (Winter ’11)

Hello Mary – Thank you for everything these last couple of years. It has been wonderful leasing with you. Kelsey – Cincinnati, OH (Fall ’11)

Hi Susan! I’m still so sad to leave this apartment, but it’s been a great few years! I plan on keeping in touch with both you and Mary, you guys have really been the absolute best landlords and friends! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone at Eventide! Ashley – Medina, OH (Fall ’11)

Hello Wonderful Landlords – I just wanted to say thank you very much for fixing those issues so quickly! Thanks again! Robby (Electrical Engineering) – Solon, OH (Fall ’11)

Just a quick extra “Thank You” for getting the boys’ air conditioning taken care of so quickly! It was greatly appreciated! Leanne – Columbus, OH (Summer ’11)

It is reassuring to rent from a company that takes pride in their rentals. Since our family has rented other “college” apartments near other universities, we were impressed with the service of Eventide compared to other rental companies. Eventide not only had the house looking great upon our arrival, but they also were very attentive to any maintenance requests during our 2 year stay. Vivian – Columbus, OH (Summer ’11)

Thank you for providing a great place for Greg to live for the past two years. I have already recommended your company to other OSU parents who will be looking for apartments in the future. Vivian – Columbus, OH (Summer ’11)

Bryant graduated from OSU in March of this year, and started his summer work in April. Our younger son will be on the market soon and we will certainly refer him to your company. Lorna – Dayton, OH (Summer ’11)

You’re oh so very helpful… makes Mom feel much more comfortable being so far away 🙂 You guys have been nothing but helpful to me and I appreciate all you do! Thank you!!! Debbie – McKinney, TX (Summer ’11)

I also wanted very much to thank you and your staff for a truly good experience over the past two years. I know plenty of people here who have had a bad experience (or numerous bad experiences) with their landlords and I just wanted to let you know personally that I will only give you and your company the highest of recommendations whenever I can. Thanks and wish you the best. Mike – New Orlean, LA (Summer ’11)

Hi Susan; I just wanted to thank you for the quick response and all the helpful information and the kind words, I definitely loved living in Columbus and having leased from you helped out with that alot! Sam – Bellbrook, OH (Summer ’11)

Susan, I enjoyed renting from you last year, the place was great and the relationship that you and Mary maintained with me as a resident was great as well! Brian (Computer Sciences) – Chillicothe, OH (Summer ’11)

I have had a wonderful experience with Eventide and you as well – the best rental company I have ever rented from. Sarah – Rocky River, OH (Summer ’11)

Thank you for a great year at a great property, my final rental at OSU ended up being the best! Alex (History) – Cincinnati, OH (Summer ’11)

And thank you for being great landlords during my tenure at Ohio State! John (Mechanical Engineering) – Dayton, OH (Summer ’11)

The maintenance department always gets our requests done quickly. We needed new light bulbs in our living room. We put in the request in the morning, and the lights were able to be used that afternoon! They always are so quick to take care of us – thanks Eventide! Katrina – Lancaster, OH (Winter ’11)

Thank you again for being so wonderful and caring. I wish I could be an Eventide tenant forever J. Chelsea – Columbus, OH (Winter ’11)

My two oldest sons are graduates of the Ohio State University. They lived in apartments run by Eventide while they attended school there. We feel that Eventide offers the best off campus housing at OSU. The apartments are very clean, are close to campus, and are well constructed. The office staff is experienced and easily accessible. Maintenance facilities are on site and provide fast, professional service. They offer parking passes for students with cars. Make appointments early in January to see what is available for the coming fall. Eventide apartments are rented quickly! Mary Ann – Columbus, OH (Summer ’10)

Thank you for getting maintenance to fix our AC so quick. We really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks Again! Emily – Canonsburg, PA (Summer ’10)

You can’t rent from more experienced, caring, and capable landlords on campus. Any reported problem I’ve ever had gets fixed quickly, the property is cleaned and maintained regularly, and the management really goes the extra mile to take care of their residents. When the building heat failed one December night, the maintenance staff went door to door in the building to hand out every space heater they could scrounge up. It’s that kind of dedication that makes Eventide the BEST. Sabra – Columbus, OH (Summer ’10)

Living at Eventide these last few years were some of the most memorable years of my life. They made living easy and fun. If there was ever a problem that needed fixed they were there that day or the next at the latest. The utilities were more than reasonable compared to that of friends I have around campus, parking was never an issue, and with their well lit lots we had never been broken into. Mary Kirk was also a huge help. She was almost always the person you talked to when there was a question about anything. She does everything she can to help work out a problem and keep us tenants happy!! Doug – Wooster, OH (Summer ’10)

Hey Mary – I can’t believe it’s been a year already, and it’s time to move out! I wanted to say thanks for being so good to us, and for getting me in apartment 14 on King Ave. I had a nice stay there, and I’m sure the new residents will love it. If I ever need to rent a place around campus, I’ll be sure to come back to Eventide. Shane – Celina, OH (Summer ’10)

Our company rented office space on High Street with Eventide for 8 years. We appreciate the courteous and professional property management service and Eventide’s ongoing investment in improving the facility. The building looks great inside and out and has been good for our business. Keith McCormish, Public Service Consulting – Columbus, OH (Summer ’10)

Evantide has been such a great, fair landlord to us… I’ll definitely recommend in the future! Kim – Wooster, OH (Summer ’10)

Mary – I rented from you last year with my boyfriend at 63 W. Oakland and loved renting from Eventide — you guys are the best! I recently moved back to Columbus and am working on a political campaign that will be running to the end of the year. I’m putting out lines for a sublet: September – December, if any of your current renters have a room up around those dates can you let me know? I’d love to rent from you all again. Tina – Huntersville, NC (Summer ’10)